Pokemon Pops!

Funko announced a new “Pokemon Pop” line of collectibles, starting with the series fan favorite, Pikachu. It was made official shortly after a fan on the Funko subreddit found one of the Pops at a local Target.

Pikachu will be Target exclusive, and it will start hitting store shelves this month. This is the first Pokemon Pop that Funko has produced, and more are sure to be on the way. Gotta catch em all!


Pokemon Go – 2 year Anniversary

The two year anniversary celebration has a whole lot of Pikachu. Pikachu and Pichu will appear more frequently in the world beginning today until the end of the month. If you still want some more Pikachu, this month will also feature the new Summer Style Pikachu pictured above with sunglasses and a straw hat. You can also deck your trainer out with Pikachu Fan Avatar items and look into getting Pikachu ears.

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