Batman Vs. Superman: The Good, Bad, & The Ugly

GBUDawn of Justice premiered in the US last night and the internet was a buzz with complaints. While I have to admit that I am not a super fan of superman, I love Batman. I was was super excited to see this movie, and really wanted to like it….and somewhat did.

I think the 2 different types of people that will see this will have different perceptions of this.

“Casual Fan”

This person has maybe read some of the comic books and have seen the other movies. I believe this person will enjoy the movie for what it is. They probably won’t love it, but will walk away feeling entertained, albeit  a little confused.

“Hardcore Fan”

This person lives, breathes, eats, and sleeps comics. They know all the mythos and back stories and have read most if not all the comics. I think these are the people who are going to drag this movie through the mud.

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Take A look at the new batmobile and batsuit

Warner Bros. has released a first look at the Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice Batmobile and Batsuit.  They teamed with Bleacher Report and  DeAndre Jordan to showcase the “darker & grittier” look of Batman.

Notice that this batsuit looks battle worn and abused. In previous movies, if Batman got his suit scratched up….he just got a new one.