Batman Vs. Superman: The Good, Bad, & The Ugly

GBUDawn of Justice premiered in the US last night and the internet was a buzz with complaints. While I have to admit that I am not a super fan of superman, I love Batman. I was was super excited to see this movie, and really wanted to like it….and somewhat did.

I think the 2 different types of people that will see this will have different perceptions of this.

“Casual Fan”

This person has maybe read some of the comic books and have seen the other movies. I believe this person will enjoy the movie for what it is. They probably won’t love it, but will walk away feeling entertained, albeit  a little confused.

“Hardcore Fan”

This person lives, breathes, eats, and sleeps comics. They know all the mythos and back stories and have read most if not all the comics. I think these are the people who are going to drag this movie through the mud.

In general, this movie had potential, but I think both types of fans will have one thing in common….the story/plot was weak. This movie felt really long, but it seams as though maybe there were important parts of the story left on the cutting room floor. This made for scenes that didn’t make sense or needed some explanation.


“The Good”

Wonder Woman Seemed to be the most likable of the characters introduced here. She wasn’t played by Lex, but when things went to hell in a hand basket….she showed up and kicked butt.


“The Bad”

Jesse Eisenberg’s portrayal of Lex Luthor is just off  in my opinion. He comes off as an atheist that wants to destroy a “god”. Another issue is that he acts like a gamer  that stayed up all night playing The Division and is jacked up on Monster and 5 hour energy.


“The Ugly”

When did Ninja Turtles merge with this movie?


In the end, I am sure this movie will make butt loads of money, while leaving the hardcore fans butt hurt. Go in with low expectations and enjoy the film.

P.S.  There was no end credit clip

Check out Ben Affleck’s reaction to the early reviews…



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