Tell Her How Much “I Know”

Perfect his and her’s necklace set. Click on the image below to get more info and/or order it.


2015 Convention Scheduel

Now is the time to start planning and putting money back for the 2015 conventions. Check out this list of up-comming cons.

2015 Conventions


Wear Your Geek Pride On Your Wrist!

Boba Fett doesn’t always wear a watch….but when he does…he wears one of these! Think Geek has a whole selection of these awesome watches for just about any fandom you can think of. Click on the image below to see this watch and more.


Exoskeletons: Not Just For Advanced Warfare

Panasonic’s new $5,000 Exoskeleton

At only $5k, this Panasoinc-built rig is a lot more affordable than your typical expensive tech hardware. It lets you lift up to a whopping 200+ pounds and walk at speeds of 5mph! It looks like the Advanced Warfare tech is a lot closer than we think.